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Tax Planning and Preparation

For business owners, the concern secondary to profitability is likely the cost of taxes. Taxes can be burdensome; from writing checks, to time for compliance, few entrepreneurs look forward to tax filing. Working with our firm, we set expectations, plan for tax advantaged investments and business development, while protecting your business wealth. We'd like to think we make taxes easy, but that is our opinion. We'd be happy to exhibit for your business why we think it's easy.
Our approach as a CPA firm is developing plans to help our clients protect wealth, with a thorough understanding of the tax laws, and implementing on those tax plans. Whether you're a business start-up, or a next generation entrepreneur, we have the tax expertise to help our entrepreneurial clients achieve their goals of accurate tax filings with professional advice.
Our CPA tax consulting expertise includes the following services:

  • Business tax planning and preparation
  • Individual tax planning and preparation
  • State tax planning
  • Transactional tax planning
  • Tax optimization
    • Cost Segregation Studies assistance
    • Research and Development Credit assistance

Chief Financial Officer for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur takes on several roles within his company from decision maker, production and operations manager, treasurer, to operating financial officer. Offering consulting and trusted advisory accounting services, we can act as your chief financial officer so you can focus on running your operations successfully. Our CFO services assist entrepreneurs to not only improve profitability and sleep well from the financial assurance that financial risks are well managed, but add value from CPA oversight.

Compiled Financial Statements

Financing statement compliance for board of directors, financing, vendor terms, customer orders, or management decisions are important business tools. Whether monthly, quarterly or annual, we have the talent to prepare compiled financial statements for our clients. These financial statements are becoming increasingly relevant to business decisions. As a CPA firm we can prepare these statements. For management or lenders, we provide accurate, concise, and timely statements; our clients have the right financial tool when required with our financial statements.

Business Valuations

If you own a business, want to protect your wealth, or want to determine how much your enterprise is worth, you will need professional business valuation services. From planning a business sale or purchase, to estate and gift tax planning, or succession plans, a profession valuation is advised.
Our business valuations are prepared according the NACVA Standards, giving you the confidence that the valuation report provides accurate documentation of the appraisal value. While we do not provide valuation reports for litigation purposes, the following are purposes for report appraisals we provide:

  • Planning for a business sale or acquisition
  • Obtaining financing from a lender for the purchase of a business
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Creating a succession plan
  • Cashing out a business for retirement
  • Shareholder / Corporate planning
  • Financial reporting - tax and financial planning

Start-Up Business Planning

As an entrepreneurial CPA firm, we provide consulting services for start-up business. If you need answers about the process of due diligence, business plan review, financial projections, accounting and peripheral services, we can answer your questions.