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About Us

About Us


Sauder and Stoltzfus is a CPA firm that appreciates and respects our clients. Our firm has the expertise to service all types of individuals and small businesses with a rainbow of tax and accounting, and CPA advisor services. We help businesses guide development and resources to achieve business goals.

Our vision is to be your first call as trusted advisors. We understand entrepreneurs and know they need more than just tax returns and financial statements. Entrepreneurs need a trusted financial and tax advisor who really 'gets' their business, goals and appreciates what their success means. The CPA needs to focus efforts and expertise on helping the entrepreneur achieve his/her goals for the business and personally.

Our mission is to be those CPAs who help entrepreneurs succeed by providing accurate, understandable and timely financial advice as a trusted advisors and CPAs.

Core Values

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. We are a CPA firm with integrity and a "client first" focus. We advise our clients with entrepreneurial CPA services "the way we would want to be advised". That means with honesty, thoughtful guidance, and business advice that helps to develop and expand upon our clients' successes. We endeavor to be trusted advisors who always look out for our clients' best interests.

  3. Excellence
  4. Our firm provides CPA services with a premier client service focus, built on the foundational performance pillars of excellence, accuracy, professionalism, efficiency, timeliness, and a consistent focus on doing the right thing.

  5. Community
  6. Our firm appreciates and respects our community's rich business heritage and work traditions. We are committed to using our CPA services to help build and protect our community's time-honored heritage of conservative, value-centric entrepreneurship that supports and sustains its people.

  7. Teamwork
  8. Our team works diligently and with accountability every work day, to provide trusted CPA services and advice so our clients can flourish. We accept constructive advice, and are both humbly confident and respectful. We care about our team members deeply, and are intentional about building win-win relationships and remarkable experiences for both our team and our clients.